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Analytical pressure regulators

High Pressure 'LF Series' Regulators.

Piston sensed pressure regulators with a range of precision machined and fully supported sensor elements to cover pressure ranges up to 690bar/10000psi primarily for GAS service. Combined sensor and spring options allow low torque adjustment with accurate & repeatable control. Available in 316SS and brass with the option of parts degreased to G93 for use on Oxygen service. Port sizes from 1/8" to 3/8"

MINI 300

The LF-301 provides a compact and economical solution for controlling pressures up to 180bar on low flow applications. Ideal for first stage pressure let down where basic pressure control is required. A small piston sensing element allows low torque adjustment with a range of springs with fine pressure adjustment.


A compact and economical high pressure regulator with precision machined sensing elements to allow fine pressure control on pressures up to 414bar, which can be supplied as non venting or self venting (non adjustable).


Designed with precision machined sensing elements to allow fine pressure control on pressures up to 414bar. Two piston sensors combined with two spring ranges, provide 4 outlet control options with a combination of low torque adjustment and excellent sensitivity. A self venting design and optional ratio loaded actuator makes it an ideal regulator for use with electro-pneumatic controllers for automated pressure control.


Based on the same design features of the LF-690 Hydraulic Regulator, the LF-692 incorporates a PEEK seat for use on high pressure gases, using a range of precision machined sensing elements to provide control of pressure to 690bar. The regulator is self relieving with segregated captured vent to allow vented gases to be piped away to a safe area. The seating area can easily be accessed from the base of the regulator for speedy servicing in situ.